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Proceeds from this event enabled us to offer 4 weeks of summer camp -- free to our kids!!

Vero Beach Tennis Club
June 6th - July 1
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TennisTalk With Mikael Pernfors

December 4, 2020


Mikael Pernfors, Vero Beach resident, former top 10 professional tennis player, and SWF supporter - provided stories of his illustrious college and professional tennis career.

Kick-Off Party
World Class Exhibition

November 22, 2019

Jamaica/Germany player Dustin Brown (left) vs USA's Tennys Sandgren (right) battled it out in an exhilarating and world class exhibition match on Friday, November 22, for the Sally Wilkey Foundation Kick-Off Party. Former Tennis Professional Mikael Pernfors (middle) was the evening's Chair Umpire. 


Photo Credit: @TennisVeroBeach

“When Jane asked me to come and what she was putting on here and the foundation, there wasn’t a second thought,” said an emotional Sandgren. “Sally was a good friend of mine and it’s been tough. It’s been tough. She lived in a way it’s hard for her not to have an impact on you and to do something small in remembrance of her for a good cause, I would come from halfway around the world.”

(Randy Walker, @TennisPublisher)